Jenna Glover

Jenna’s passion for chiropractic came into fruition after an accident she had at the age of 19. Her rib popped out of place after falling off a horse, resulting in excruciating pain. Back in her hometown of Muleshoe, there were no “health” doctors; there were only medical doctors that prescribed muscle relaxers to ease the pain and sent her on her way. Needless to say, their goal was not to fix the problem; their goal was to mask the pain. Her pain was so constant and so severe that she began needing assistance to perform simple tasks like getting out of bed.

After some research, Jenna found a chiropractor about 30 miles away from her home and decided to give it a try. Almost instantly after the adjustment, her pain subsided. At this moment, she discovered a whole new approach to medicine; she discovered a way to treat people without the use of medication after medication. So, she decided to go back to school where she took countless medical classes, is receiving her masters and obtaining her PhD.

From Muleshoe, Jenna moved to Grapevine, Texas, where she started working and training with some of the best Chiropractors in the world, such as Dr. Tony Nalda. She soon found herself working with Dr. Aaron Gumm, who was in the beginning phases of starting a neuropathy program for his patients. Shortly after, Dr. Aaron and Jenna began to build a practice.

Today, Jenna is running a clinic in Tomball, TX with Dr. Rob Neuenschwander. Together, they share a passion of helping and healing people naturally without the use of drugs or surgery. Her passion is undeniable, and the love for her patients is sincere. She hopes to continue helping people heal naturally for the next 50 years. Her three amazing children, Cameron, Corbin, and Ashton, have the same passion as Jenna does, and she someday hopes to pass this practice on to her children.

Rob Neuenschwander, DC

Dr. Neuenschwander began his mission to becoming one of the area’s premier healthcare providers at an early age. Through several family deaths and tragedies of loved ones, he has seen the devastation that happens when people lose their health or don’t have the most vital life saving information until it is too late. His purpose is to lead families to reclaim and maintain their health naturally for a lifetime, and his mission is to leave a family legacy of health as one invested into his community leading people to live out their true God-given SOUL purpose.

As an avid high school and collegiate competitor, he was awarded All-State honors and proudly played as an NCAA athlete. While in undergraduate school, he studied for business and sport’s science, believing that he would eventually own his own personal training gym and help people achieve healthier lives through proper exercise and nutrition. After a severe sport’s related injury ended his playing career, he began his own corrective rehabilitation plan and in
turn discovered his own purpose.

While a patient in one of the largest clinics in the world, he saw incredible stories of health, happiness, and healing in families that were once without hope or destined to succumb to their diagnosis Even patients who were once told they would have a condition for the rest of their lives were getting unparalleled results. In just a few months, he realized that he had now found his new mission field, and that he could have a massive impact in the community, truly restoring
generations to their full potential.

He is independently certified in spinal correction, nutrition, exercise implementation, and detoxification, as well as holds National Board licenses in Physiotherapy. Dr. Rob Neuenschwander is committed to helping you find the true CAUSE of your health issues, removing any interference that is holding you back, and allowing you to live up to your full God-given potential.